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Available cut to size

 Acrylics

 Laminated safety glass

 Mirrors

 Plate glass

 Window glass

Residential services

 Custom mirror walls

 Glass shower enclosures

 Table tops

 Window glass replacement


Our portfolio consists of a wide array of products. We also fulfill specialized orders complete with custom material procurement and management of unique designs.

Architect Design Support

Our experts craft concept sketches into designs that can be constructed on a per store basis or as part of a complete roll-out program. Services include:

  -  Architectural assistance with preliminary design

  -  Provision of samples throughout the development process

  -  Final drawing design for construction

In-House Engineering

Our in-house engineering team can ensure project review and compliance to local code requirements in all 50 states. Our team:

-  Confirms design load requirements

-  Confirms compliance structural requirements

-  Determines adequate glass thickness

-  Is technically proficient

Laser Etching

We have the largest laser etchings on offer in North America with dimensions of up to 5’ wide and 12’ long. Our customized machines can etch onto materials such as glass, wood, plexi and metal.  Services include:

  -  Laser etching on any design or image

  -  Wood carvings on offer

  -  Supports for laser cutting


Our state-of-the-art technology and highly trained fabricators can fabricate even the most complex storefronts, ACM and brake metal.  

  -  Our services reduce field modifications and improve accuracy.

  -  Our pre-assembled systems allow for reduced installation time.


Our design team specializes in building mock-ups to assist in the visualization of new concept designs. Services include:

-  Provide full scale or partial mock-ups in our facility

-  Ensure the design meets client expectations

-  Conduct installation team training

Project Management/Survey

Our assigned Project Managers act as the liaison between the client and all necessary parties. Their areas of expertise include:

-  Review of construction documents

-  Submission of Request for Information

-  Material Inventory and Tracking

-  Weekly Milestone/Status reporting

-  Project Survey for field dimension verification prior to fabrication

Installation Supervision

Our installation process is designed to exceed client expectations. We also offer end-to-end field installation supervision. Services include:

-  Assistance with material inventory

-  Installation support

-  Troubleshooting


Our 3D Printing services have the capability of printing conceptual and newly designed shapes that ensure all parts fit aesthetically within the customers’ overall design framework which:

  -  Allows test designs before commencement of production

  -  Is cost and time effective

Custom Color Matching

  -  We craft any required shade of color (wet paint/powder coat).

  -  We provide custom glass spandrel colors.

  -   We can color match PET and PVB film interlayers for glazing.

Customer Specific Inventory

We ensure material requirements are met to provide for a quick turnaround time during accelerated phases and overlapping projects. Services include:

-  Stocking projected surplus of materials based on schedule

-  Ensuring reduced lead times

-  Providing quick turnaround and project continuity in the event of field mishaps

Global Capabilities

Our network consists of well-established global partners and international shipping capabilities.

-  Our international team is well versed in international packaging requirements.

-  We provide installation supervision globally.

-  Our Manufacturing facility is located one hour from the Port of New Orleans for hassle-free international shipping.