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To request a quote please call us at 877-894-3245 or email us at infinitysupport


Infinity-AP, LLC is founded to meet custom storefront requirements of the retail space. Our focus areas include safety, prompt customer service and quality products. Our areas of expertise are design and engineering, consulting and manufacturing.

Our mission is to understand and fulfil client needs and exceed expectations. We offer holistic solutions for the retail façade package that best meets client requirements. Our ultimate objective is timely and affordable execution of deliverables leading to successful store opening for our clients.


Since Commencement of Business in 2012, Infinity’s vision has been provision of products of superior quality coupled with unmatched customer service. Our strategic planning supplements this vision by offering a broad selection of well-designed materials, prepared by a dedicated and passionate workforce. Consequently, our happy clients recommend us to colleagues and friends, our business partners refer us to their clients, and our loyal workforce is proud to be a part of the Infinity-AP Family.


INTEGRITY The mandate to always do what is right has always been a core tenet of our founding ideals

INNOVATIVE  Our design experts forever strive to think out of the box

CUSTOMER CENTRIC Our services are customer focused such that we predict customer needs before they are communicated

VALUE CREATION Value creation is at the heart of our performance such that our products and services increase the worth of the client.

CHANGE MANAGEMENT Anticipating and planning for the unknown is one of our core competencies. We envision what could be and challenge the status quo.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP  We apply judgement, practice responsibility, take initiative and use critical thinking to influence the best possible outcomes for our clients.

RESPECT Honest treatment, individual respect and sensitivity, and the value of diversity are at the core of our customer service experience.

TIME BOUND We are cognizant of, and have the utmost respect for, our customers time, schedules and deadlines.


One of the defining features of Infinity-AP to our clients is the ease of doing business. We are a nimble and responsive company that prides itself on its timely openings of stores. Our excellent customer care, attention to detail, high quality products, workmanship and regular client follow up are hallmarks of our business.  These benchmarks set us apart from our competitors.


The retail space is a very intense and time sensitive world. As a retail concern, we recognize the crucial importance of timely and efficient reaction. Our excellent partners provide us with the products that we need in an expedient manner. We take pride in our wealth of knowledge and experience of the retail industry and what it takes to compete within it with efficacy.


Being a mid-sized company, the reputation of the firm is foremost in the minds and hearts of the team. We will do whatever it takes to ensure customer satisfaction and timely completion of projects.


At Infinity, safety is a priority concern for us. Our objective is to have zero accidents in the offices, fabrication center and job sites. We prepare logistics solutions such that materials arrive on-site in pristine condition and are easily offloaded with minimal incident.


Our finished products are our pride and joy. Regardless of our direct installation or our work with general contractors, it is our prerogative to ensure that the installation is thorough and complete. As required, we send Infinity-AP representatives on-site to assure the success of every project.


Our products are treated to a thorough inspection before leaving the facility. Whenever feasible, we assemble and fit material to ensure quality once delivered to site. Our products are designed around the installer. We work towards the best fabrication and assembly processes to ensure fast and efficient installation.